• We don’t promise the moon, but 1% daily interest for lifetime!

    You can join or leave the Investment Program at any time. The investment offer is relevant for all registered forum users.

    • 1% daily for lifetime
    • $100 minimum investment
    • $50,000 Investment Program Limit

  • Making money online has never been easier!

    We offer 100% profit-making and risk-free investment program for members of HYIP.com community.

    • 100% Profit Guarantee
    • Daily Calculated Interest
    • Fast and Hassle-free Withdrawal

  • Forum’s Affiliate Program

    Make extra income with HYIP.com Affiliate Program! You are guaranteed a $5 affiliate reward for each attracted active user.

    • $5 for each attracted active user
    • Different sized animated Affiliate Banners
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  • Visit HYIP.com every day to gain the most profit!

    The daily interest on your deposit is accrued only if you visit the forum on a regular basis.
    For this you should click the ‘Collect Interest’ button in the Bank section of your account.
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Investor Relations

High Yield Investment Program

Special Investment Offer: 1% Daily for Lifetime

How it Works?

This can be compared with the futures, which, in the best traditions of HYIPs, can bring you dividends every day.
The investment process for different projects can vary. For example, in order to invest in the work of HYIP.com, you must register on the forum, purchase the internal currency and make a deposit at the Forum Bank. All stages of investment process can be viewed on the video below.


HYIP.com investment program was launched as a pleasant bonus for our users and a demo version of real-world HYIPs, rather than a powerful investment tool.

We ensure 100% return of your initial deposit, which can be withdrawn at any time, in accordance with the withdrawal requirements. As the principal is included in the payments, we are not responsible for your profit if you have already withdrawn the amount equal to $100 — the payouts will be made only if they don’t led to significant budgetary losses for the forum. Similarly, we are not responsible for your unrealized income and it cannot be a matter of discussion.

Those who are eager to plunge into the real world of HYIP investing, filled with both risks and high returns, please check HYIP Reviews forum section.

Investment Plans

Currently, we offer the only one investment plan — 1% per day on $100 investment amount. In this, initial deposit can be withdrawn back at any time.

  • Multi Accounting is forbidden.
  • Affiliate program — $ 5 for each active forum user, who posted more than 10 messages.
  • This plan will be relevant until the investment amount reaches $ 50,000. Why? See the answer further below

How Your Money Will Work

All online projects are developing in the same way: money — traffic — money, and so in the cycle. That is, the project spends money on attracting traffic, sells certain items or services to users and re-buys traffic for profit from selling. Here we are not talking only about direct purchases like PPC. There is usually a complex of activities including SEO, SMO, affiliate marketing, search traffic buying and so on.
The HYIP.com forum team is composed by op-notch experienced professionals and is open to cooperation with all interested parties. Which means, you can also join the forum team!

Today, HYIP.com is already making good money, but we are striving for more. Attracting investment from our visitors will increase our advertising budgets, and, accordingly, website traffic and earnings, which we share with our investors.

Important Nuance

HYIP.com investment project was created not so much to attract investment, as to increase loyalty and stimulate activity of our users.
To withdraw the daily return, you have visit the forum on a regular basis. For example, if you did not visit the forum yesterday, then the interest on your deposit will not be credited today.
The interest on the deposit is accrued in HYIP.com internal currency, points, which can be easily withdrawn through our Shop to PerfectMoney, Payer or Bitcoin wallets.
To simplify the process of investing, we created several how-to-do videos.

What are the Prospects?

As you may have guessed, this is just the beginning. Very soon, the forum team will introduce the new investment opportunities. This and other interesting topics are discussed in private section of our forum, which is available only to users who have made a deposit to the Forum Bank.


Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to the investment process itself that might be raised.

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