From this section you will learn everything about the greatest financial fraudsters and their scams.

Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

It is in times of crisis when pyramid schemes become relevant. This is due to the fact that credibility to usual financial instruments decreases, but investors are trying to do everything not

John Law’s Paper Pyramid

John Law, the real name Jean Lauriston, a Scottish-born Frenchman is considered to be the author of the first financial pyramid in the history of mankind. We must be thankful to him

Tulip Mania As Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes emerged simultaneously with the monetary relations, because commodity exchange could not satisfy all market participants. Money immediately became a universal tool for evaluation of all that the eye would catch.

James Reavis: The Man Who Stole Arizona

James Addison Reavis’s affair hits scales. Declaring himself the son of the Spanish Crown aristocrat and the owner of considerable land in the United States, he took charge for the permit to

Ponzi Scheme: How It Works

Ponzi Scheme is an investment scheme that provides incomes of earlier investors on account of the funds received from later investors. At first, it may seem perfectly legitimate, but Ponzi scheme is