From this section you will learn everything about the greatest financial fraudsters and their scams.

Double Shah’s Scam

In 2005, syed sibtul hassan shah, an ordinary teacher from Pakistan, returned from Dubai to Wazirabad (Punjab) and made his neighbors a bargain. Having convinced everyone that he had learned the latest

Dona Branca’s Ponzi Scheme

Maria Branca dos Santos, a common Portuguese woman, commonly referred to as Dona Branca, decided to enrich herself by opening her own bank in 1970. We do not know much about the

Russian House ‘Selenga’

Financial Company JSC Russian house “Selenga” (RHS), one of the earliest Ponzi schemes in Russia, started functioning in 1992. People easily believed in the promise of golden treasure from respected people — Sergei Grusin,

MMM’s Ponzi Scheme: To Russia, With Love (Part1)

“MMM” is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all that ever existed in the Soviet Union and then in the Russian Federation. According to various experts JSC “MMM” damaged up 10 and 20 million depositors,

The South Sea Company Bubble

In 1711 lord Robert Harley Duke, Chancellor of the Exchequer, founded the South Sea company. He planned to play on human trust as a year before John Law did in France (referring

Classic Cons: the Panama Canal Bubble (Part 3)

This is the part 3 of the “Classic Cons: the Panama Canal Bubble” article. Read the Part 2. The investigation revealed such grandiose scale of corruption at all the levels of the Third Republic

Classic Cons: the Panama Canal Bubble (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the “Classic Cons: the Panama Canal Bubble” article. Read the Part 1. But, most of all, the hero of Suez was proud of financial success of his enterprise.

Classic Cons: The Panama Canal Bubble (Part 1)

Building the Panama Canal is one of the brightest “bubbles” of the XIX century bursting at the stock market. The word “Panama”, which became common noun, marked the beginning of the “wild”