From this section you will learn everything about the greatest financial fraudsters and their scams.

Playboy and Conman Bernie Kornfeld

Bernard „Bernie“ Kornfeld was a prominent businessman and international financier who sold investments in US mutual funds. Bernard was born in Turkey. After moving to the US, he began working as a

‘MI5 agent’ Conman Robert Hendy-Freegard

Robert Hendy-Freegard is a British conman who posed as an MI5 agent, Special Branch or Scotland Yard working against IRA. Having got control over victims, he went to the end, depriving them

George Parker’s Brooklyn Bridge Scheme

George Parker is the American swindler famous as the most intelligent and ingenious con man of the 20th century. George earned his fortune solely on the trust of people, and his only

Joseph “Yellow Kid” Weil: King of the Con Men

Who could have thought that Joseph Weil (1875 — 1976), a brilliant swindler known in the criminal world of the early twentieth century as the Yellow Kid, honestly referred to as “scam

Quackery: From Renaissance to the Present Day (Part 1)

Renaissance brought with it a tremendous faith in the human mind possibilities, which countless fraudsters took advantage pretending to be inventors of miraculous elixirs. Since then science reached the greatest development in

Kazutsugi Nami’s Ponzi Scheme

Year made public: 2009 Estimated Losses: $1.4 billion Founded in 2000, Japanese bedding linen company Ladies & Gentlemen (L & G) governed by Kazutsugi Nami had operated for seven years, but during

Ant Farm Scam

Quite an unusual pyramid scheme was built by a Chinese businessman Wang Fenguou. In 1999, he opened ‘Yilishen Tianxi Group of China’, to make health products whose main ingredients were ants, including