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Bitcoin Hits $25,000 on Christmas Eve

Bitcoin price hit $25,000 in the middle of a hectic trading day in Asia, on December 26. After seting a new all-time high of $25,914.46 Saturday morning, the price has dropped a

CBDCs Do Not Possess the Same Advantages as Bitcoin

Vasily Solodkov, a professor at the Higher School of Economics in Russia has told that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will not provide many of the advantages of a cryptoasset like bitcoin.

Hackers Withdraw Crypto Stolen in Exmo via Poloniex

Hackers withdrew $4 million of crypto stolen in Exmo hack through the Poloniex crypto exchange, the exchange confirmed. Poloniex allowed hackers to withdraw $1 million in XRP and $2.8 million in ZEC.

FBI’s Strategy for Darknet Investigations Needs Overhaul

Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General’s audit revealed the FBI’s strategy for dark web investigations is inadequate. The audit found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t have an agency-wide dark

Nexus Mutual CEO Hugh Karp Gets Hacked for $8M

Cybercriminal stole $8 million from the wallet of Hugh Karp, the founder and CEO of Nexus Mutual platform on Monday morning. The hacker’s profit amounts to 370,000 NXM, worth $8.2 million. The