In this section you will find a tutorial on online investing, helpful articles with useful tips from HYIP investment professionals, as well as interviews with HYIP webmasters.

Hit-and-Ran Strategy in Different Types of HYIPs

The point of Hit-n-Run investment strategy is that an investor leaves a project immediately after receiving profit. There are no long-term deposits and reinvestments. An investor puts money for a minimum possible

Paid Posting in HYIP Market

Paid online posting has long become a powerful marketing tool in the HYIP industry. The essence of the process consists in praising a project, in showing that a large number of interested

Impact of Yield Level on HYIP Lifetime

The lifetime of each HYIP depends on many circumstances. However, it is safe to say that the operating term of projects with different level of yield is a constant value. this article

What Are the Types of HYIP Admins?

If you are thinking of profiting on HYIPs or wonder who the HYIP admins are in real life — this article is for you. So, there are three main categories of HYIP

To Trust or Not to Trust in HYIP Legend

Even half a year ago, none of the investors paid attention to the HYIP legend: when analyzing they paid more attention to the technical side of the project. However, now investors have

Double-edged Sword of Instant Payments

In this article we will try to find out what instant payments are and if a hyip investor needs them. Usually the term “Instant payment” in a HYIP means that the payment

Telegram-based HYIPs

HYIP projects are primarily projects that are ready to implement various innovations. moreover, the more unique and unusual such innovation is, the more interest the project generates, which can, in turn, bring

Tactics of Investing in Fasts

Fast HYIPs are high-yield investment projects with yield of typically more than 60 percent per month. Fasts are called those HYIPs that do not make you wait for profit. these are high-yield projects

Financial Statistics in HYIPs

Some projects provide various statistics on their sites or in your personal account, such as “how much money is invested in the project”, “how much is withdrawn”, “the biggest deposits”, and “information

Tracking of Escaped Admins

It is well understood that financial pyramids are designed to collapse sooner or later. If you look at numerous forums dedicated to hyips on the Internet, you’ll see that the most common