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HYIP analysis: Search Queries, Advertising, Spam

In this article we continue to play role of Sherlock Holmes by analyzing all available data on a HYIP. Namely, we will consider what useful information can be collected from HYIP advertising HYIP — What a Great Sleeper [2.1% daily for 20 days + 5-2-1% R. C.]

How to Invest in Different Types of HYIPs

Rational distribution of investment funds contributes to achieving the greatest profits. Let’s start with a general rule suitable for any type of investment: “Do not invest money that you cannot afford to

Effective Ways to Boost Referrals

Many know that a large affiliate program can make a good passive profit. It is very profitable to learn to attract as many partners as possible into HYIP projects, as it offers

What Determines Life Span of HYIP

Let’s stipulate at once that the HYIP life term often depends directly on its tariff plans and launch date. In general, however, the HYIP industry can provide different variations in the project

Does the Seasonality Affect HYIPs?

It is believed that the intensive flow of funds into the HYIP industry and the emergence of reliable HYIPs occur between mid-September and mid-December and the end of February and mid-May. There

Key Features of Potentially Successful HYIP

The HYIP industry is a very dynamic environment where even the most seemingly insignificant factors affect projects’ operation. There is always a topical issue for investors of how to recognize a promising

How Not to Be Mistaken in Choosing HYIP

If you are a dummy in the HYIP industry, probably you have studied a lot of literature on this subject. it’s sufficiently highlighted on the Internet, a lot is already written. But what

When Enter and Live HYIP

Every HYIP is moving through the same development phases, a HYIP life cycle. In order to invest with minimal risk, а potential investor should recognize what is the current stage of the

HYIP Investing During Summer Months

Summer in the HYIP industry is believed to be a season of decline in investment activity. And this general opinion is far from being groundless. First of all, you need to understand