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6 Golden Rules of a Cryptotrader

The buying and selling of cryptocurrency are often associated with strong emotional stress. Firstly, the bidding is conducted fast, and secondly, you can easily get lost in many different types of deals

The Daily Routines of Geniuses

Success is more a deliberate practice of what works than a serendipitous streak of luck or privilege. The path to greatness is paved with tiny consistent rituals.Almost every book devoted to time

Survivorship Bias in Startups

Have you ever wondered why popular books on how to become a millionaire don’t turn their readers into rich people? Or why successful companies like Microsoft, Google or Facebook appear once a

Blockchain to Put End to Blood Diamonds Trade

The international markets for diamonds and precious stones has long been struggling with problems such as conflict diamonds, the use of child labor, etc. However, even strict certification within the Kimberley Process

View from the Top: Tips from Crypto Guru Ian Balina

Iain Balina has become an outstanding cryptocurrency guru and millionaire in less than one year. Unlike most young bitcoin-millionaires, he started investing in crypto relatively late. Until 2017, Balina continued to go

TOP 10 ICO Advisors & Angel Investors

To be successful in a complex and constantly changing cryptocurrency space, any newbie needs an experienced advisor or angel investor, who will help to avoid all the pitfalls of ICO investing. This article

TOP 10 Useful Tips for Traveling with Bitcoin

Thanks to the Internet, globalization, the popularity of cryptocurrency, the borders between the countries have been considerably blurred. With bitcoin or ethereum, you can become a real digital nomad bounced from country

Popular HYIP Scripts

HYIP script is a software package to manage a HYIP Site. HYIP scripts are used to handle all the information on the investment site, which deals with registration, login to your account,

The Key Startup Trends & Predictions For 2018

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies and, of course, the blockchain are the most popular startup trends this year. We have chosen several startup trends and predictions you should be looking out for.