In this section you will find a tutorial on online investing, helpful articles with useful tips from HYIP investment professionals, as well as interviews with HYIP webmasters.

Ten Tips From Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers

The famous billionaire investor and co-founder of the Quantum fund, Jim Rogers, in his book Make Your Children Successful, gives good advice that is suitable not only for young but also for

7 Effective Techniques to Become a Market Leader

Modern economic conditions accentuate the need for businesses to find opportunities to maintain and increase their profitability. By optimizing business processes in the company, you can achieve increased profits or reduced costs.

Common Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid

Many beginners make mistakes that could have been avoided if they had read the advice of more experienced investors. In this article, we have collected the most useful recommendations on what not

Causes and Warning Signs of Upcoming HYIP Scam

Sooner or later, all good things come to an end. A hYIP cannot exist forever, and there comes the time when an admin simply stops paying investors. Stopping payments to project participants

Investment Lessons Men Can Learn From Women

Despite the fact that women earn 5% less on average than men who are in the same positions, women are great at investing — and they can offer a lot to learn

What is Right Amount of Money to Start Investing With?

The investment process requires continuous monitoring and is indeed a full-time job. And first of all you should decide on amount of money to start HYIP investing with. You should start investing in