In this section you will find a Free Guide to investing in HYIPs, as well as valuable advice and useful tips from HYIP investment professionals.

What to Consider When Reading HYIP Reviews

Before investing in any HYIP it should be carefully and thoroughly checked. The HYIP review is one of the tools to help with this. In this article we will examine what the review

The Most Common Mistakes of Beginner Investors

Lack of knowledge about investment models, absence of a clear plan are often a common mistakes made by beginner investors. However, this is not an exhaustive list the main causes of investment

Pre-New Year Investment

Those involved in the HYIP industry for years are well aware that the pre-Christmas time is the low season for both investors and for administrators launching the project. on the contrary, this

How to Avoid Losing Money When Reinvesting

It is possible to reinvest in HYIPs only after making an objective analysis of the remaining life-term and the current project profitability. An investor has to evaluate how long gambling may last

HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 1)

Promoting HYIPs allows pushing an investment project and making it bring in more money both for admins and investors. After all, the project being unnoticed is paid hosting in vain and wasted