Here you will find helpful information that you may need when investing online.

Today’s Alternatives to Initial Coin Offering

ICOs popularity has tanked: startups raise 97 per cent less money, investors no longer trust blockchain projects. Most ICO projects were closed without releasing any product. Another problem also made investors look

TOP 7 Worst Money Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The choices you make today can affect the rest of your financial life. Financial mistakes can be hard to bounce back from and can even take years to fix. Learn the 7

Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Investing

Unfortunately, many investors cannot resist investing in every new idea that is likely to turn the world upside down. How to determine if your portfolio is an example of careful diversification or

Warning Signs of Crypto Startup Failure

There are different reasons for crypto project failure. Of course, betting on the “winner of the race” is not so simple, but you can always determine the outsider. Here are seven signs that

How to Get People to Believe in Your Idea

David Bailey, a serial entrepreneur, partner at London’s venture capital fund Downing Ventures, and a mentor at Google’s accelerator, speaks on how to convey the idea of uniqueness, success, and competitiveness of

Is Your Business Plan as Good as You Think?

Good business plan similar to detailed road map; traveling without one is possible, but  probability to get lost is  very high. Business plan is aimed to give a business owner a broader picture

Ten Supermarket Tricks That Make You Spend More

Have you ever told yourself not to buy something but ended up buying it anyway? That’s probably happened as a result of one of these psychological marketing tricks. These marketing tricks make you