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Eight Technologies that Have Changed the World

Technologies change our world every day — they simplify work, boost up processes, save lives. And each year more and more of them appear. We have collected technologies of the past twenty

The Downside of Price-cutting

Amid the pandemic, many companies are cutting prices for goods and services. Customers find this step positive. Everyone wants a quality solution with a discount. While everything seems logical, the quarantine (lockup)

Cargo Cult: Why Do We Imitate Others and What To Do About It?

Have you ever had something that you did something without fully understanding your motivation? Repeated gestures and facial expressions of the interlocutor? Unexpectedly ordered the same dish as your companion?In general, cargo

What Determines Bitcoin Price?

The price of Bitcoin is difficult to predict — sharp ups and downs alternate with no less sharp drops. But why does the price of cryptocurrency fluctuate so much? And who is

Great Depression vs COVID-19: Similarities and Differences

The Great Depression was likely the largest and longest slump in economic activity in world history. The COVID-19-caused recession has been frequently compared with the Great Depression of the 1930s.Obviously, in the

Should You Know How Much Your Coworkers Make?

How much do you earn? How much do you think your co-worker gets paid? We feel awkward and uncomfortable asking our colleague about this, just as we do not like the idea