Future Cars Technologies

Humanity has overcome the path from horse-drawn carts to gasoline cars. What’s next? Nissan has presented its version of the future without gas stations at the International Geneva Motor Show. Instead use of

Huobi to Launch EOS-based Crypto Exchange in Q1 2019

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has announced its plan on launching a EOS-based crypto exchange. The launch of the exchange is expected in the first quarter of 2019. The exchange will allow trading EOS for

Thai National Technology Center Develops Blockchain Tech for e-Voting

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) of Thailand has introduced blockchain technology for e-voting.  NECTEC is a statutory government organization that promotes the development of computing, electronics, IT and telecommunications.The

Blockchain will Become Mundane in 2019

2019 is the year in which blockchain will become mundane, according to the MIT Technology Review, a magazine that is wholly-owned by the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).The article includes

Star Trek Technologies That Now Exist

The first “Star Trek” TV series was released in 1966, and the first film — in 1979. Hardly directors and screenwriters could assume that by 2019 their fictional technologies would not only

Almost 1,000 Altcoins ‘Died’ in 2018

Almost a thousand of altcoin projects are “dead” at the at year-end, according to data from industry news and information portal 99bitcoins. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has come back after “burial” in press 90

Crypto ATMs Doubled in 2018

The number of crypto ATMs doubled in 2018 from 2,025 ATMs in 2017 to 4,051 ATMs, according to data from cryptocurrency analytics firm DataLight. This reflects an increase in the adoption of