HYIP Review s a short-term HYIP with the yield 118% after 3 days. Launched on Jan 18, 2021 the project has a reliable technical part, balanced affiliate marketing, $50 investment threshold.Judging from investment offer, the HYIP technical part, proper promotion, the project is designed for a long running term.  site has a minimalist website design, that is now all the rage. A simple, clean site scheme adjusts users to a serious approach to investing and creates confidence in the mind of depositors.

Simple and clear site structure allows to quickly navigate around the project, blue scheme encourages a serious approach to investing.So, let’s count up how much and how soon we can make profit with . The HYIP offers the single investment plan with 118% return after 3 days. 

GiantSquid offers buying and selling investment blocks, or units which are referred to as ‘squids’. Once after depositing you will be offered to buy units at different prices, depending of the amount you have invested in.  

Please note, the interest in accrued only on the amount of units (‘squids’). For instance, you if you deposit $200, and buy ‘squids’ for $180, the rest of the money ($20) will remain on your balance, and the interest will be accrued to amount of units you have purchased ($180). The project accepts Tether (USDT) payments. The withdrawal processing is manual. GiantSquid is targeted at large-sum investing, as the project has $100 min withdrawal amount coupled with $40 transaction fee (The withdrawal fee may fluctuate depending on the Ethereum market price). 

The project offers 15 USDT bonus to every new account, which will cover a part of the withdrawal fee cost. Withdrawal processing is fast and takes several allows to make money on four-tier affiliate program with up to 10% reward. The referral reward is paid in a lump sum the next day after the bottom line is generated.

1st line 10% profit

2nd line 5% profit

3rd line 3% profit 

4th-10th line 1% profitDomain and technical details of the project instill confidence. The website uses a good hosting server, SSL certificate and is well DDoS protected.

Hosting: Cloudflare (228 paying HYIPs)

IP-address: (United States / Dallas)

NS servers :,

SSL: Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 valid from 18 Jan, 2021 to 18 Jan, 2022 – Cloudflare, Inc.You can get in touch with support service via contact form or by e-mail. FAQ section (‘Guest Tour’), official telegram group, where most of your questions will be answered, are also for your service.