Elon Musk Selling His Techno Track About NFTs as NFT Token

Elon Musk is selling a new electronic music track about non-fungible tokens he has produced as an NFT token. It’s a song about non-fungible tokens, which Musk appears to have minted or plans to mint on the blockchain.

The looping video attached to the song Musk posted to Twitter on Monday displays the words “Vanity Trophy” orbiting around a golden orb affixed to the top of a literal trophy reading “HODL,” short for the phase “hold on for dear life.”

It remains unclear if the token is already exist or if Musk plans to start saling at a later date.

This is not the first piece of music from the SpaceX and Tesla CEO. His previous works are pop song about a dead gorilla called RIP Harambe and an EDM track called “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe.”