The Most Effective Ways to Generate Great Startup Ideas

Good businessmen have multiple ideas for everything, so if you want to start a company and can’t find an idea for it, you should probably work on generating ideas first. So, how to do it?It is important to be in the right environment surrounded with the right people. You should deal with people who understand the future well, make incredible plans, are optimistic, resourceful and come up with a lot of ideas. Such people are usually not limited in their thinking, like most others, they do not have a lot of filters, and they do not worry too much about what others think.

The best ideas are fragile. Most people don’t even start talking about them out loud because they sound silly. Perhaps the most important thing is to be in the company of people who don’t make you feel silly about a stupid idea, and who, of course, never feel stupid themselves.Stay away from people who diminish your ambition. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. But they hold onto the past, and you must live in the future.

Think about the most important tectonic shifts happening right now. What fundamental changes is the world going through? Can you identify the cutting edge of change and the opportunities it presents? The surge in mobile phone development in 2008-2012 is the latest significant example of such a change, and we look forward to a new one!

As soon as it occurs to you about anything that is possible this year and was not so in the past, you should pay attention to it. Perhaps you have a great startup idea. Especially if next year it is too late.A good question to ask yourself when you start thinking about an idea is, “Could this be a big deal if it works?” There are many good ideas in the world, but few of them have inherent benefits that can make a startup extremely successful. Most enterprises do not provide a valuable scaling advantage. Think in advance why your idea might have this feature.

It’s also important to think about what’s right for you. This is difficult to do with pure introspection. Ideally, you can ask your mentor or people you have worked with what you are particularly good at. Founder and company’s correspondence is just as important as product and market’s correspondence.