HYIP – A Program With A Quality Template has been working since November 05, 2020. According to the website, Monarch LTD invests a capital. Oil, precious metals, cryptocurrency are all areas of company’s specialization. The investor does not take part in active investing as choosing the most profitable area. He just chooses between different financial offers. More amount of deposit means higher income after some term. The company working only 23 days at the moment of writing the review, so investors can hope to receive a net profit here. In addition, the company was registered one year ago, so a team works on website all this time ago.The early users liked automatic payouts, that have been here since the start. They noticed a high withdrawal limits, that the admin decreased by half. This means that the admin monitors the project threads. He also reacts to user suggestions.The conditions, which makes the better investment tool than banks and other investment funds. Official registration – the company as registered in Australia under 638032676 number.  Anonymous investment means that the user can deposit via cryptocurrency payment systems. The company does not interesting in origin ofthe money. Fast start – the same as it is not interest in personal details. It needs only email for send news.  Multicurrency deposits – the user can deposit not only in lot of cryptocurrency, but also in USD (Payeer, PM).  Auto accrual – the type of payout is automatic. The accruad funds will be automatically payout in payment system, as in banks. The same as auto withdrawal, that is not in all banks. Referral program – the user will be receiving a passive income from deposits of his direct referrals.  Strong website protection from DDoS and hacking of users data.

Financial Information

The payment systems, that the user can use are Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), PerfectMoney, Litecoin. A large selection of payment systems makes it easy to join the project. The admin promised to add more payment systems since the launch of the program. He kept his promise. Above, users can see the most accurate list of payment systems that are available in the project at the time of writing the review. Perhaps the admin will add more options for payment systems. Follow the news in the project thread.

The company provides automatically payouts. The user will receive his interests in the payment system at the same time when it will be accrued. The single condition is that this amount needs to reach the current minimum withdrawal amount: $ 10 for Payeer and USDT and 0.001 BTC, 0.025 ETH, 0.1 LTC. There are no hidden fees. The company decreased the minimal withdrawal amount earlier. I hope it continues this price policy.

Given the financial conditions and general preparation within one year, investors hope that the admin will accompany his project for a long period.The interest rate is floating and does not depend on amount of investment. It only depends on company’s profit. The minimal monhly profit, that could be received by $ 100 investor is $ 68. Therefore, he will start receiving a net profit since second month after deposit.

A Signing Bonus for Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin investors have a slight edge. gives 0.005 BC to all users. This bonus placed on special investment plan with 0.1% daily interest rate. If the user have no deposit in Bitcoin, he will be able receive first withdrawal after 5 days from registration. But user with BTC deposit will receive 0.000005 BTC bonus every day)

Affiliate Conditions offers a single level affiliate program. The user will be receiving 12% from direct referral deposits. He does not need an active deposit to participate in the affiliate program. The website filled with very high-quality content. Even users with basic knowledge of English will be able to understand the investment conditions. In fact, the scope for attracting new investors is not limited.

There is also VIP affiliate program. It will be enabled if the user deposit $ 500 and more. The VIP affiliates receiving a three levels of affiliate part: 20% – 3% – 1%.