Best Pieces of Advice From “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh

How to build a successful business, become happy and make your employees and clients happy? Here are lessons from “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, the multimillionaire CEO of Zappos.In the first chapters of the book, the author talks a lot about his entrepreneurship attempts  as a child. He created a worm farm, tried to sell postcards, made badges. The kid’s family took each of his business ideas seriously and helped as much as they could. It is important not to kill the desire to do something, that you need to support ideas and the desire to implement them. And sooner or later everything will work out.Zappos’ support managers were not limited to official duties, but were ready to help in any situation, even if it did not involve selling shoes. For example, it was no problem for a Zappos consultant to help a client find pizzerias closest to their home. Whatever you do, your company should be associated with the high-quality service and customer focused approach.The corporate culture that you develop will make your employees or colleagues happy, which will lead to increased productivity. Tony Hsieh believes that a corporate culture should be based on team spirit, openness and ease of communication, determination and commitment to growth, as well as modesty.In order for your business to withstand any unexpected blow, you always need to have a backup plan in case of difficulties. Of course, you should not drive yourself into a state of constant anxiety, all the while waiting for force majeure. But you still need to have a clearly defined algorithm of actions for the worst situation. Remember that your biggest challenges can turn into your biggest opportunities.Find what you have a passion for and do it. Tony Hsieh focuses on the fact that the main goal in every person’s life is to be happy, and this is what you should start from in everything you do.