Jobs and Zuckerberg’s Misconception: Why Clothing Matters

Clothing is most often treated either as art or vice versa — they do not attach any importance to it. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs promoted the idea that clothes should not matter, in all photos they are in the same T-shirts and jeans. But isn’t this a survivorship bias?We all want to be liked by people. We want to be considered smart, get acquainted, offered to meet or work together.

To be perceived correctly, you need to create a personal brand and treat it as a business project. Only the project is you.

When starting any business, the founder thinks about design. A person’s appearance is his design. This is especially important for creative people. If you can’t work out your packaging, give it meaning and sell yourself, then you can hardly offer something unique and worthwhile to others.When Barack Obama came to the farming states, he took off his jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. With all his appearance, he said, “I am just like you. I also work a lot and earn my living.” This approach makes it easier to find contact with people and create the right impression.Clothing helps to change not only the appearance, but also the style of thinking. When theater actors rehearse roles, they use wardrobe items that help them get along with the hero. It can be shoes or a hat.

One research shows that clothing does affect how we think. Researchers have found that the dress code increases the level of abstract thinking and helps see the picture in scope. So maybe the most unloved tie is actually a key to turn on your productivity and creativity.Taking care of your appearance does not mean that you need to throw everything out of the wardrobe, except for business suits. It is enough to look neat.

Here we return to the term thin-slicing. People draw conclusions in a split of a second. You can either let the situation go off or control the process.

Donald Trump, when he was not yet president of the United States, had written in his book: “Remember: get dressed for the job you want to get, not for the current one.” This expression well characterizes the importance of appearance and its impact on career.A good looking person arouses more trust and interest in people. Neat appearance and good clothes are among the ways to express respect not only for yourself but also for others.Scientists at the Northwestern University School of Management have found that our productivity can be increased by appearance.

In the first experiment, the researchers dressed the participants in lab coats and the others in plain clothes. They were then asked to take a series of tests. The results showed that participants in lab coats made significantly fewer mistakes.

In another experiment, scientists gave lab coats to all participants in the experiment. At the same time, half were told that they wore doctors’ robes, and the other half — painters’. The second half made significantly more mistakes in the tests.This is because we really feel smarter when we are dressed in a certain way. Clothing is not as important as its meaning. If a person associates a suit with power, a business clothing will make him feel more confident. Therefore, productivity will be higher. The whole secret is to find the right wardrobe that will help you feel appropriate.

“In an ideal world, it is only human efficiency that will matter,” Mark Zuckerberg said. “But we do not live in an ideal world. Both Zuckerberg and Jobs have dedicated their lives and free time to the development of their companies.

People’s values ​​are changing, now teachers at MBA courses pay as much attention to soft skills as to practical knowledge. If we are beginning to understand how important it is to be able to communicate and express our thoughts, why don’t we still use appearance for this? Clothing is a great tool that can help achieve the desired goals, to ignore it is simply ineffective. Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg.