Causes and Warning Signs of Upcoming HYIP Scam

Sooner or later, all good things come to an end. A hYIP cannot exist forever, and there comes the time when an admin simply stops paying investors. Stopping payments to project participants is called scam. This can happen for several reasons:-Income from the influx of new depositors is not enough to make payments to earlier investors (the most common reason).

-HYIP Hacking There are many cybercriminals who focus on HYIP hacking, especially since lots of HYIP admins do not want to spend money on serious protection of the project. Therefore, HYIPs are of great interest to hackers.

  • Human factor ~ The HYIP team can consist of both several people and a huge team. The mistake of one of the team members leads to the loss of money.
  • Fraud by HYIP partners ~ Here is an illustrative example of the Liberty payment system, which took down Stability FX project. This, at least, is the official version.
  • Personal motives ~ An admin can stop running the project for various reasons — it can be greed, the launch of a new HYIP, etc.

Problems with Withdrawal ~ It can be evident if there is in a delay, HYIP admins’ attempts to put the blame on the payment system, obsession on the part of managers not to withdraw money or reinvest income. Every serious HYIP is discussed on forums, where every day investors describe whether the HYIP pays or not and how much, warning each other.

Aggressive marketing campaign ~ The sharp increase in its presence on forums, social media suggests that the HYIP is running out of new money and the admin is trying to squeeze the maximum out of it. Another sign is an increase in guaranteed profitability.

Low quality communication, site malfunctions, lack of updates ~ It makes no sense to invest in the technical development of the HYIP, which will soon cease to exist.

Drop in website traffic ~ Although the exact number of site visitors cannot be found out, there are free resources on the Internet that can show the traffic flow of a HYIP website.