Bitcoin Launderer Alexander Vinnik Faces Up to Ten Years in Prison

A court in Paris has begun hearing the trial against Alexander Vinnik, russian man alleged to have used ransomware in a 135 million euros ($157 million) bitcoin fraud.

Alexander Vinnik faces up to ten years in prison at his Paris trial over charges of extortion, money laundering and criminal association.

French prosecutors say Vinnik was one of the creators of malware called “Locky” which was delivered through email. Vinnik, 41, says he had no knowledge of illegal activity and was a only technical consultant at crypto exchange BTC-e.

The United States also wants to prosecute Vinnik, accusing him of laundering billions of dollars through BTC-e. He was arrested at the request of U.S. authorities in the summer of 2017 while on vacation in northern Greece,

After a two-year legal tug-of-war, Greek authorities ruled Vinnik would be extradited first to France, then to the U.S., and finally to Russia.