Twitter Introduces Set of Security Updates After the Infamous Hack

Social media giant Twitter has unveiled set of security updates, installed ahead of the US elections. The changes were made after the social media giant suffered a major security breach in June.

All “high-profile” and election-related accounts were notified and were required to carry out additional security measures to protect their credentials.

The accounts would be asked to use a stronger password and enable two-factor authentication, which provides extra security to users. A password reset option will be automatically enabled to prevent any unauthorized password changes.

“As we learn from the experience of past security incidents and implement changes, we’re also focused on keeping high-profile accounts on Twitter safe and secure during the 2020 US election,” Twitter revealed in the statment.

Twitter accounts of leading companies and famous people were hacked in a bitcoin scam on July 15. Over $120,000 worth of Bitcoin have been transferred to the main Bitcoin address provided by hackers, investigations are ongoing.

According to the Whale Alert and Scam Alert report, crypto scammers have stole around $24 million in bitcoins in the first six months of 2020, representing 63% from amount stolen over the past four years. Changing scam shemes among with increasing its quality and scale suggest that entire professional teams are now behind some of the most successful ones.