Microsoft Warns of Info-stealing Malware Targeting Windows

Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) has warned of a new info-stealing malware targeting Windows systems. The new malware is called Anubis, like an unrelated Android banking malware, and uses code forked from Loki malware to steal system info, credentials, credit card details, cryptocurrency wallets.The new malware not only steals financial data but also aims at users’ system information, login credentials, as well as cryptocurrency wallets. According to MSI, the malware is deployed in what appears to be limited, initial campaigns that have so far only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers. Also, it is specifically targeting Windows systems only. 

Join Telegram channel to be always up-to-date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency space.For now, it is unclear how the attackers are deploying this malware on target systems. Thus, all Windows users must remain very careful while downloading third-party software, interacting with emails, and visiting websites. Also, make sure to have a robust anti-malware running on the devices to block any malware right away.