— HYIP with Live Chat [HYIP] — Mid-Interest Rate since 2020/09/08 [2.1% DLY for 20 Days] HYIP has been working since September 08, 2020. According to the website, the company receives profit from trading activity. Good investment strategy provides stable income for partners. The platform’s investor could receive 2.1% for 20 days or 1600% after 40 days. The total income based only on user’s start deposit and his risk appetite.Admin of Lunainvestment stake care about his project so much. The live support is online 24/7. The investor can take a quality instructions for using the platform.

Experienced HYIP industry players think that the platform owner is an experienced admin. However, each of them invests only the money that he does not mind losing. The game in such a project is similar to a bet in an online casino. Until the ball stops at one of the numbers, the investor’s heart will think that all the profit will go to him and the lucky ones who opened a deposit on that very day.Luna Investments limited company based in New Zealand. It has a 8099598 registration number. The user can check it on the Companies website.

Investors are attracted by the unusual template of the platform, which is so good for the industry interest rate. The platform owner is open to investors. Users see the statuses of monitors directly on the official website. Widgets receive information directly from the resources of professional monitors.

Financial Part — Minimum Everyone Need to Know Before Opening a Deposit

Minimum amount to withdraw based on used payment system: 0.0008 Bitcoin, 0.006 Ethereum, 0.012 Litecoin, 36 Dogecoin, 0.006 Bitcoin Cash, 0.006 DASH, 0.006 ZCash, 0.06 Monero, 6 Ripple, 36 TRON, 0.5 Tether, 0.50 USD for both Payeer and PerfectMoney.

Info about minimal amounts is in the user dashboard, but I know the most part of investors wants to know this before registration. Anyway, the user can just connect to live chat and take the answer. Not only on a question about the minimal amount to order a withdrawal.

The investor can use 13 deposit methods. The platform accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Monero, Tether, Zcash, Tron.

The support provides payments instantly without delays.Let’s look at plans to compare budget options and profit that the user desire:

Affiliate Part

The user does not need an active deposit to receive his affiliates’ profit. The investment program offers three levels of affiliate program: 5%-3%-1%. The upline can withdraw his reward immediately after reach a minimal amount for withdrawing.

Project Development Prospects

I see that the platform is only in English, so the admin could add some more translations of the site. This will give the project an edge over similar HYIPs in this area. Investors will receive a signal about the serious intentions of the creator of the game. The main thing is that such a signal does not arrive very late or very early.

Each HYIP has only two development prospects. Either get the trust of investors or not. In the first case, early users will make a profit if the owner’s goal was not just to make a profit, but to make more profit. In the second case, no one will receive money except advertising agencies.

The platform owner invested enough money to buy ads on various specialized resources. The investor group learns about this investment project. The question is how much profit does the owner of the platform want to make? I would be glad to see your thoughts in the comments.