Bitfinex Offers $400 Million in Reward for Catching Hacker

Bitfinex has announced that it’s giving out up to $400 million in reward if any individual can connect them to the hacker that stole 119,755 BTC worth $.344 billion from the platform four years ago. The announcement came four years after the hack took place on August 2, 2016.

The crypto exchange offers any individual that can put them in touch with the hacker 5% of the total property recovered and is offering the hacker 25% of the recovered property.

Even though the hack took place four years ago, the crypto exchange has been actively trying to locate and identify the hacker since the breach took place. In February 2019, U.S. authorities recovered 27.66270285 BTC stolen in the hack. Since June last year, the funds from that 2016 hack have been continually moving out of the hacker’s wallet.

Many countries around the world have reported a surge in crypto scams that included a spike in ransomware attacks, Ponzi schemes, and other different types of scams involving cryptocurrencies. There are several types of crypto scams that have become frequent: fake giveaways, sextortion, fake exchanges, fake ICO’s, bitcoin recovery, video scams, and Ponzi schemes, and many others.