HYIP — Following Our Strategy to Increase Net Profit Chance HYIP — Two of Attractive Offers [106% After 10 Days, R.C. 4-1-0.5%] HYIP was launched on 22nd May, 2020. According to the website, Solvento team invites users to a long-term partnership. The company’s mission in the development of trading algorithms. Such tools give passive profits to professionals.

The owner of the company does not sell trading algorithms to traders. This is in the use of trusted analysts. Users do not risk losing money due to the massive use of similar trading algorithms.Let’s check short review of investor’s opinions. In the early days, investors decided to keep in bookmarks to watch the marketing of the project. They waited for the admin to pay early investors at least 50% of the deposit amount (1st plan). Unfortunately, after this time stamp, project owners tend to close the project at a loss to users. This event did not happen, which means the chances for success of Solvento investors was improved.

Advanced analysts have noticed the high quality of the design in detail.

I recommend getting ready for the fact that almost no one will notice your opinion about this project. The admin provides a bounty campaign with payment for each payment proof. Therefore, the thoughts of users in most forums will be lost between the mountains of spam.

You could write your thoughts below or on the forum. Your comments are safe has good marketing. The admin added about 40% of top promoting recourses. According to the philosophy of the pyramid, more investors mean more stable payments and a longer life. At the time of writing, investors have entrusted deposits worth more than $ 12,000.

Financial Part HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash. The minimal withdrawal amounts are $1 USD, 0.0002 BTC, 0.005 ETH, 0.02 LTC, 0.003 BCH.

The admin provides manual withdrawal up to 12 hours. The investor will receive his interests on the day of accrual.

The project has verified PerfectMoney wallet. It was registered in Austria on 08 August, 2019. It has 0.4 Trust Score points at the day of writing review.The investor’s principal back on 25th day. The potential net profit is 20% per month or 0.67% daily. Unlike standard medium-term projects with marketing up to 4%, Solvento users get their principal earlier.The investor could receive 20% of the net profit on the 1st offer and 18% of the net profit on the 2nd offer. At the time of writing, I recommend a second plan:

The user will be able to receive principal back three times per month;

User can get from 4% of deposit back as RCB three times per month. It will increase his net profit to 30% monthly.

In my humble opinion a faster investment offer of principal back in one HYIP is always more profitable. The main task of the investor in mid-term HYIPs is to pick up 100% of the investment in the shortest time. Affiliate Program

solvento HYIP has a large affiliate program. The owner offers three levels of rewards from 4%-1%-0.5% to 7%-2%-1%. The reward upline received based on his current rank:The upline will receive the reward from first active referral, so let’s join to big affiliates team. It’s free.