Pavel Durov Donates $90K in BTC to Help People During the COVID 19 Crisis

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has donated 10 BTC to volunteer organization “The Mutual Help” (Vzaimipomosch) whose members buy food and deliver it to people who can’t afford it, according to Egor Zhukov, a political activist who organized this crowdfunding campaign.

Pavel Durov reached out by himself and offered to help the cause. The donation made by Pavel Durov is quite large as 10 BTC at the moment equals 66,89,982 Russian rubles. This amount of money can buy an apartment in Moscow. 

Vzaimipomosch’s bitcoin wallet saw some 14 BTC in donations since March. Telegram’s blockchain project, TON, was shut down earlier this month after a prolonged legal fight with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which alleged Telegram’s multi-billion dollar ICO was an unregistered securities offering.