SCAM: How to Turn an Investment into a Passive Profit Source for a Lifetime HYIP: How to Turn an Investment into a Passive Profit Source for a Lifetime HYIP has been working since 15th May 2020. This HYIP provides a mid-interest accrual rate, which is so actual at the all summer period.

According to the website, Bonnie Pays the company receives money from wins in online poker tournaments. When poker tournaments became available online, it became unrealistic for the organizers to track down teams of participants who played together. If several professional players conspire, they can easily get prizes, especially if they play at the same game table.

The poker tournaments’ organizers simply set high prices for admission tickets. Bonnie Pays team is engaged in the gray business of winning prizes in poker tournaments. Investor money will help the team buy tickets for all participants in tournaments with a high prize pool and increase the chances of winning. The profit process is relatively automated.Bonniepays HYIP provoked large-scale emotional discussions. Some investors suspect that the caribbean-dream admin is successful here because many details from the template to the timeline are similar.

One of the users recommends not investing large amounts in this stable, but not a profitable project. He promotes projects with hourly payouts and claims that it gives higher profits in a short time. He does not like the rules for withdrawal up to 96 hours, despite the fact that he receives payments within 60 hours after the creation of the request. He thinks that long-term regulations for projects with mid-interest rates are possible only at the end of the work.

There were technical issues with the withdrawal to bitcoin wallets on May 21. Please notice: admin resolved the issue within 17 hours.

Insider information about the project attracts new investors, despite the efforts of the owner to reduce the number of deposits at the start.Unfortunately, HYIP do not distributes proof of income to PokerStars, 888Poker. The project team could not actually do this. If the administration of online rooms recognizes the nicknames of players who participate in match-fixing matches, their accounts may be blocked. As a poker player in the past, I can confirm the easy way to make money from online tournaments. In most of them you don’t even need to win — just take a prize. If I could do this almost without experience and alone, then I can imagine what a team of professional players in tournaments with high prize pools is capable of. As you see, I believe in the history of the project. Such stories do not just appear. It’s too complicated to be true.

Financial Part HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Bitcoin. It is safe to invest in any currency because the admin fixed all the technical issues. Minimal amount to withdraw is no limited for PM and 0.0001 for BTC. The admin does not take any fees for withdrawals.

The platform provides manual withdrawals up to 96 hours. This is the case when an investor can really wait up to 96 hours. According to reviews on investment forums, the admin processes payments within 2.5-3 days.The admin provides a single deposit plan.User with $ 300 deposit will be receiving $ 3 on business days. His month net profit will be $ 60. He could receive his principal back and reinvest $ 60 for lifetime. He will be receiving $ 12 monthly for lifetime. Some users predict at least eight months of work, so the total net profit according to this strategy could be $ 144 and more. Affiliate Program

The platform introduces a poor affiliate program. The user could receive 1% from amount of referral’s deposits. He does not need to have an active deposit to participate.