Bitmain Co-founder Micree Zhan Accuses His Partner Jihan Wu of Machinations

The ousted co-founder of Bitmain Micree Zhan has accused current company CEO Jihan Wu of illegal actions.

According to Micree Zhan, Wu had unilaterally devised a fake shareholders’ meeting where he was stripped of his voting rights and was removed from his post as the director of the company. Micree Zhan alleged that the meeting never took place. 

Zhan further accused Wu of spreading rumors on behalf of the company. He stated that Wu is used to putting his will above the law. What he has done fully reflects his ignorance of the law.

In a series of allegations, the ousted co-founder also said that Wu took over Bitmain HK and stole the business license along with the stamp of the Beijing office to change the hierarchy.