Bitcoin Skeptics to Go All-in on Bitcoin — Max Keiser

Bitcoin (BTC) skeptics Peter Schiff and Mark Cuban will eventually will “go all in” on Bitcoin, by buying “huge” amounts of the crypto, Max Keiser claims.

The famously outspoken RT host tweeted on June 26 that he “100% guarantees” that some of Bitcoin’s biggest naysayers will ultimately flip bullish.

“@PeterSchiff Jim Rogers, @mcuban and other pre-coiners represent huge pent-up #Bitcoin buying demand. When they finally understand it, they’ll go all-in with huge buys. I 100% guarantee this to be the case,”  Keiser wrote.

Keiser also believes that Bitcoin hitting $50K will ‘trigger’ Peter Schiff to buy the crypto.

“The longer @PeterSchiff waits to buy #Bitcoin, the bigger the panic-buy. My guess, $50,000 triggers him. What price do you think triggers Schiff to panic-buy Bitcoin?”