John McAfee’s Ghost Coin Plagiarizes its Whitepaper from PIVX

John McAfee’s Ghost project whitepaper has been plagiarized from an outdated 2018 PIVX whitepaper, according to PIVX developers.

PIVX team claims, “at least 20 of the 26 total pages” of the Ghost whitepaper “contain material directly plagiarized from the PIVX whitepaper,” supporting their claim by attached screenshots.

The developers sad that their want “to make sure people know that they are investing in a project with a Whitepaper that is full of technical inaccuracies”.

“Specifications in Ghost whitepaper align with the Zerocoin Protocol, which is not only outdated, but cryptographically flawed and can be exploited. Furthermore, they seem to be unknowingly mixing the outdated Zerocoin specifications with the Sapling Protocol specifications…The ethical and legal thing to do, would be to remove it until they can replace it with their own,” a representative for Ghost explained.

John McAfee announced the upcoming privacy coin Ghost in April. He told that the new coin will be built with a proof-of-stake algorithm underpinning it. He also claims that the Ghost will be widely tradable.