John McAfee Admits Ghost Plagiarized From PIVX

John McAfee admitted that his project Ghost has borrowed parts of its white paper from the documentation for anonymity coin PIVX. Nonetheless, he plans to sue PIVX for defamation. 

“PIVX is attempting to claim that their source code is Public Domain, but that the description of how it all works (The White Paper) is not…Claiming a procuct is open source while witholding the documention is fraud. Pure and simple. I will soon demonstrate that in the courts” McAfee twitted. 

Earlier this week, PIVX developers claimed that the Ghost white paper was plagiarized from an outdated 2018 PIVX white paper. PIVX team claims, “at least 20 of the 26 total pages” of the Ghost whitepaper “contain material directly plagiarized from the PIVX whitepaper,” supporting their claim by attached screenshots.

John McAfee announced the upcoming privacy coin Ghost in April. He told that the new coin will be built with a proof-of-stake algorithm underpinning it. He also claims that the Ghost will be widely tradable.