It’s Still Not Too Late to Buy Crypto — Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, believes that it is still not too late to buy crypto as the situation would look different five years down the lane.

‘Everyone I have met that got into crypto, thinks they got in too late, no exceptions, myself included, until 5 years later. I expect the same will be true in 2025. We are still early in the game,’ he tweeted. 

Changpeng Zhao expects that those who venture into crypto now will have better reports in the future, with the projection of the expected period of possible viable outcomes in the next five years. 

According to the CEO, the crypto space will be evolving for new traders by 2025, because he thinks this is the period it will take for such progress to be solidified. 

He himself believed that he got into crypto quite late like everyone else, but now he thinks he has broke-even, and the situation would be the same for those who enter the space today.