ICO BitValve – New Platform For Traders

ICO BitValve - benefits for investors

BitValve is a unique platform for traders. The prospect of a profitable investment in ICO is that the investor gets access to the instant purchase or sale of the cryptocurrency. Any method of payment can be used in the calculations. It can be a fiat or cryptocurrency. The advantage of the platform is high security standard and transparency of the transaction.

ICO period – currently has an active status.

The start date of ICO is April 15, 2019.

ICO expiration date – until August 29, 2020.

At the moment of ICO start 16 203 750 tokens will be available for investors. Totally 23 142 214 BTV are placed.

The purpose of the ICO – to collect 2.8 million dollars. The minimum purchase available to the investor is 20 US dollars. Maximum purchase cannot exceed 20 million U.S. dollars per person. KYC is not available for investors. The current token price is $0.20.developers conducted a market analysis and started writing White Paper.ANN was launched. In March 2019, the ICO (earlier than planned) was officially launched.official applications were to be developed. All terms of the project are in exact accordance with White Paper.The following cryptocurrencies are accepted – ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC.

Token can be purchased on BitValve platform https://www.bitvalve.com/buyPlease note that a token cannot be purchased at an IP address registered in China.

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What are the main advantages of the project that an investor should pay attention to?

– There is a lack of advanced P2P platforms in the market. BitValve has the best technology platform and functionality. This project promises to be the most successful;

– Reduced commission rates – BitValve promises to provide 50% less commission compared to its competitors;

– Functional support – operations with a large number of cryptocurrencies are available;

– BitValve supports mobile applications;

– High security – full encryption of trader data, executed transactions, user data and transmitted messages.

Today, it is a unique platform that promises a completely new perspective to investors.

Let’s look at each benefit in detail. Thanks to these distinctions, the investor estimates prospects of an investment asset.

The problem with many platforms is the lack of technological support for the platform. BitValve provides access – transactions can be performed via iOS or Android mobile applications.

High Security Standard

BitValve implements the most advanced security protocols. All trading operations are reliably protected. The platform will be available on the Onion network to ensure fully confidential and constant user access.

BitValve support will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The user can indicate a problem via online chat, email, Telegram or BitcoinTalk. All disputes will be resolved free of charge or with lawyers at an affordable price.

Julien Gionis was involved as the best designer. He is the founder of StudioJugi, a design studio that has won many international awards. The studio specializes in visualizing the brand of companies that plan to develop business at a high level.

The development of the technology platform is handled by Ben Kaufman. It is the world’s leading specialist in the field of block and cryptology. The expert has professional skills in decentralized system architecture, intelligent contracts and Dapps development. Ben Kaufman’s functionality is smart contracts necessary for BTV Tokens. He also has 5 years of experience working with mobile and server applications. Ben Kaufman is the founder of BitCampus, an educational institution that is engaged in the study and development of blockages and cryptocurrencies.

The advantage of this platform is a simple and effective way to buy any cryptocurrencies. The transaction can be paid even through a bank transfer or e-wallet. For example, PayPal or even Western Union. When using payment instruments, you do not need to provide your personal data. This is unlike other platforms. The system ensures confidentiality when performing a transaction under the KYC procedure.

Pre ICO was initiated on January 2, 2019. At the start, each investor could receive a 40% bonus. A Bounty program is provided. 70% of funds will be distributed among investors, 15% in BitValve, Bounty – 14%, ICO Advisers will receive 1%.

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