What is Right Amount of Money to Start Investing With?

The investment process requires continuous monitoring and is indeed a full-time job. And first of all you should decide on amount of money to start HYIP investing with. You should start investing in HYIPs with a small amount of money. Even if you suddenly have an extra $ 1,000, you should never invest all of it. In the first 2-3 months as an inexperienced investor, you are more likely to lose money more often than to earn one. And it will be better if the losses are insignificant.

The optimal deposit to start is $ 100. This sum is enough for diversification — investing funds in different HYIPs in order to reduce risks. Since in the majority of HYIPs the minimum deposit amount is $ 10 then $ 100 will be enough for 10 sites. In the first months you shouldn’t seek to make money but should learn how to invest correctly.If you will have stable benefit during 8-10 weeks, you can move on to a larger investment. But if you remained in the red, your training isn’t over yet. That is, the transition to investing large sums is not a question of time, but of your skill.

Success doesn’t depend on the amount of the deposit, because income is calculated in return. We need to develop a stable and reliable strategy that allows you to increase capital on an ongoing basis. And it is best to learn how to do it in small volumes. Even if you have nothing in your pocket, then after a week there may be a treasured $ 100 on your wallet to start. Practicing for 2-3 months helps you to reduce the risks and receive dividends. Don’t be afraid to start with a small amount, even if you are chasing profits. It is better to earn less than to lose more.Helpful Tip: We want to warn against a common mistake: seeking a high income, investors forget to withdraw profits. They are dreaming to increase the deposit to $ 1000, and only then make a profit.

This is a mistaken logic since it’s hard to talk about income until you have withdrawn the money, hold them in your hands or they are in your bank account. When you have managed to earn something, only a part of it is worth putting up again — reinvesting. But always withdraw a profit, otherwise, in the end, you will be left with nothing and everything that was before will be wasted.

Now there are a lot of blogs of HYIP investors who maintain open financial statistics. The total amount of deposits of such investors may exceed $ 1000. This overshadows the mind of newcomers, as they see that their guru earns $ 600 (60%) in a month, and not $ 60, as they have from their $100. Although, they both act similarly.

Indeed, there is a direct dependence of income on the amount of investment capital. But there is also a dependence of capital and losses. If you are ready and willing to lose $ 1000 in one day, then feel free to invest after you have completed the training in practice. If it is still a lot of money for you and you cannot afford to lose it, then you shouldn’t even think about it.