Bad Way to Enhance a Sleeper Template Bad Way to Enhance a Sleeper Template HYIP has been working since 23th July 2019. According to the website, lightassetsltd is a company with a team of traders and financial analysts. Admin gives a vague idea of the company activity. I can assume that such a team could trade on Forex, advise clients, accept deposits for trust management. It is better to indicate the activities of the company in the language of the HYIP industry: just HYIP on the sleeper’s stage.Discussions of the project at investment forums began on the start day. This means that the admin was ready to pay early investors. His financial strategy could provide payments within one year or more.

The admin created an unattractive text and design of the project at a level higher than the classic sleeper, but lower than the sleeper in which users want to make a deposit. For example, a terrible stretched picture, or payments on business days, at also a very low percentage – 12% per month – even for a sleeper project. The admin has some costs for acquiring the status of a stable sleeping project, but it’s more temporary and its site resembles a blank for a future fast project.

The investors’ team suggested that he did this specifically to be able to pay early investors as long as possible and delay the active phase.Lightassetsltd works 290 days at the time of writing, so early investors should get a net profit. This is possible if they were risky enough to deposit in a sleeping project. It is a time to wait for the project’s redesign into a fast project with new After- plans.

The time for investing in the sleeping stage is over. The website does not have enough quality template – design and texts in order to pay several investment circles.

Financial Part

lightassetsltd program accepts deposits via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. This is too much for a sleeping project. This feature pulls the project above the level of classic sleepers.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.01 for USD and $ 5 for Bitcoin. The FAQ section does not provide information on whether the principal is included in payments. The user can learn this experimentally or ask in support of the project through the contact form.

The system processes payments within 12 business hours. This is the right information, as it is writing in the FAQ section.The investor could deposit $ 200 to receive $ 1.2 on business days. Total profit will be $ 438 at the end of the term.

The project has a listing on 21 investment forums and even a listing of 10 monitors and blogs.

The amount of investment in the project is about $ 2,000 dollars now. According to the single plan, the investor could not withdraw the principal early, so the admin spends daily no more than $ 12 dollars for providing payments to both investors and monitors. The admin could pay to all investors from one $ 12 deposit. Affiliate Program

Sleeping HYIP offers 1% as an affiliate reward in a single level affiliate program.

Take note: This is the site where the user sees the name of his upline during registration.

The partner can be sure that his referral will not register incorrectly by someone else’s link. It is also convenient for an investor who wants to order RCB from a specific partner.

For example, RCB from the is 1%. The user can order a return on invested funds without time limits, but so far the project has the status of Paying.

Other Criteria of Poor Design

The picture from the contact form reminded me not of an office building, but of a coffee or restaurant. I searched the image on the internet and found that this interior belongs to the Dining & Bar Key West restaurant in Japan. The negligence factor on the images on the page confirms the need to skip the sleeper’s phase without an active deposit.

We do not recommend investing $ 1000 and more, since no one has invested such amounts yet, and we do not know how the admin will behave or whether there are automatic restrictions on the real maximum investment amount in the system. If you want to join the project, invest no more than the amount of the average investment in the project + – $ 100, which is equal to $ 100.

The real investment minimum is the deposit amount of one investor, at which the admin can easily pay interest and not block the investor’s account or even close the HYIP. For example, an investment of $ 15,000 will automatically close not only the investor’s account but the entire project.