HYIP – SCAM or Legit? HYIP – Experienced Investor’s Review [104% After 1 Day + 5% RC] HYIP has been working since 24th October 2019. It was a sleeper for three months with 1.2% Daily for 120 days. Early investors could receive 142.8% of the profit and continue receiving accruals. The HYIP has some troubles with paying status on some monitors, but it was fixed fast.

According to the website, the Invexpert team is in searching for innovative companies and technologies. On the day of writing the review, it has investments in 18 startups.

Anyway, we talking about the sleeper, the main thing is profit of early investors. Invexpert could give profit, so it passed sleeper’s stage good. In this case we can hope for at least 140% on active stage too.The admin added HYIP only on one unpopular investment forum on the start day. The HYIP community drew attention to the project only after the redesign. I don’t see any payment proofs from the sleeper stage. Did this project pay if no one investor posted withdrawal proofs?

Anyway, as the main HYIP’s payment system is not allowed, the HYIP investors will wait for its connection. Would it be too late to invest after adding this system?I was surprised by seeing UK registration, but Invexpert has a license with 12303254 number. It shows than admin seriously refers to the project. It must work at least 10 days on active stage.

I estimate the probability of making a profit of 80% within three days of the publication of the review. Positive factors: original template, successful sleeper’s stage.

Financial Part

Invexpert accepts only Payeer and cryptocurrencies via merchant: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash. I also see information about PerfectMoney on the main page, but cannot deposit using such systems in the personal account. It is either a mistake or the admin plans add Perfect Money later.

The minimal deposit is $10 for all standard offers. I recommend choosing an only first plan as an offer with the fastest principal returning.

The support provides manual withdrawals up to 48 business hours. Affiliate Program

The partners join a single level affiliate program immediately after the registration. They could receive 5% of the reward for every referral’s deposit. Invexpert doesn’t require the active deposit for using the affiliate part.We deposit $200 on 104% After 1 Day plan. We will be receiving $8 every investment day.

Unlike forums, the monitors accompany the project from the launch. It starts from three listings on the first day and 16 listings on the day of writing the review. I checked the monitor’s statuses. The admin has single-trial listing.

Project Implementation Features

I liked the original design, but I see that it is not a professional work:

  • The font in different categories is not read well many times;
  • Not all of the question from the FAQ section allocated to a separate category;
  • There are useless questions in FAQ as “HOW MANY REFERRAL LINKS WILL I HAVE?”;
  • I can see the PerfectMoney payment system on the list of allowed payment systems, but not in the personal account. If the user didn’t read this review and registered especially for investment via PM – he wasted his time in this case. Most HYIP investors use PM as the main payment system.

In total, this doesn’t affect the overall solvency of the Invexpert, but I cannot say that the admin will pay 30 days or more.