HYIP — Reasons to Invest in Active Stage HYIP — One More Sleeper [2.1 WKLY For 100 Weeks, 0.5% RC] HYIP has been working since 27th September 2015 as a project with sleeper design. I think earlier that a long term of HYIP’s work always means I will make a profit there. Today, I prefer to wait for redesign. Even the most stable HYIP can go to scam at any time.

According to the website, dollarbill is a platform for generating the passive income. It team trading in the Forex and cryptoexchanges. It text part looks as on toptrade and luxearn. All of these HYIPs started almost at the same time.HYIP community cannot often correctly predict a future success of some project, but always notice obvious disadvantages of the program. The admin looks at it as features, but given the large number of HYIPs and investors look at it more as bad sides.

For example, a lot of sites on this IP. It is mean nothing because of DDoS-Guard proxy. Another thing is the manual processing of withdrawals of seven calendar days. In practice, conclusions from such projects are processed within a couple of days. But the worst thing here is the payback period of about ten months. Notice: it is a long-term investment, which is liked by Warren Buffet.

What reasons should help you invest here now?dollarbill paying more than four years at the day of writing the review. The investors could wait for redesign, because today admin offers plans with principal return for approximately 10 months. In another hand, they have additional opportunity to receive an additional income during the sleeper’s stage.

Financial Part accepts deposits via single PerfectMoney payment system. The admin takes any fees for neither deposits nor withdrawals.

The minimum amount is $30 for deposit and no limit for withdrawal. The investor can order the withdrawal from $0.63 weekly immediately after the accrual.

The support team processing withdrawal’s orders within 7 calendar days. I am sure that in practice this takes a couple of days. Affiliate Program

Dollarbill’s affiliate partner program offers only 0.5%. This way admin wants to recover monitor’s listings expenses. He accepts all types of traffic, even the spam.The user with $300 deposit will receive $6.3 weekly for 100 weeks. His profit will be $630 or 210%. We recommend to sign up with our referral link to receive 0.5% or $1.5 from $300 deposit for one time as referral commission back.

I found listings on 47 monitors at the day of writing the review. It is so much for sleeper, but average deposit amount among monitors is $60. The admin paying only about $250 monthly for all promotion.

Calculation of the Optimal Period for Investing

There are three ways of investing in sleepers:

  • Invest during a sleeper’s stage;
  • Invest during an active stage;
  • Invest during all of stages.

I am led by some reasons to choose the right way. I prefer to invest during the active stage in this case.

I see some problems with payments last days before writing the review. They all are fixed on the day of writing the review.

I don’t see a stir in the statistics of deposit, which I have. There are few big deposits of $400 and $300 a couple of days before publishing this review. The investors chose not the most generous monitor for ordering the RCB. The admin can redesign faster because he works long.

It has similar text with luxearn, which worked about three years before the scam. It means, Dollarbill can redesign or scam in any time. Of course, I prefer wait for redesign.