HYIP – One Of The Oldest HYIPs HYIP – The Simplest Template Solution [102% after 7 days + 1% RC] HYIP has been working since 24th February 2014. I found this project when searching for promising old HYIPs. Firstly, I think it has one-two listings on the monitors. Then I check detail info and see that it project has 44 listings, which posts fresh payment proofs regularly.

According to the website, the Citybuildtrade has a Let’s Build The Future. Together slogan. It is a building company with dozens of realized projects. The team offers investor to join their business by depositing.The HYIP go to investment forums since 2014 years. It always to fun reading first comments because of you know the real future. The users don’t give predictions. It could be strange for us in 2020. We try to predict HYIP’s future from it first days. The investors from 2014 notice a big number of payment systems. They don’t like a simple design.

After two months from a start, the user will surprised see this HYIP with Paying status. The HYIP was no popular on that time. Seems, admin posts payment proofs by himself.

What a phenomenon is Citybuildtrade?According to multimonitors, the HYIP worked more than 6 years at the date of writing review. It seems the admin has a real business. He even doesn’t leave his real mail to monitors’ admins. There are no ways to communicate with him. I think the monitor’s admin placed their own funds on deposits because of Citybuildtrade reliability.

Financial Part

The Citybuildtrade HYIP accepts PerfectMoney and Payeer, despite the info about more payment systems on the main page.

The system provides manual processing of withdrawals within 12 business hours. The admin made a notice that he can withdrawing the accruals on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  It was in 2014, so I will check this info with first payment received.

Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.1. The admin doesn’t take fees.

The PerfectMoney company’s wallet has 623 Trusted Score. This indicator is earned by many years of work.

I prefer long-term HYIPs. It is better to receive a stable income for many years than deposit in fast HYIP with fifty/fifty success.I deposited $10 to check paying status of HYIP.

If the user placed $200 deposit, he will receive $4 a net profit after one week.

The Citybuildtrade has listings on 44 monitors, 12 forums, 14 blogs. There are only seven trial listings. Affiliate Program

The affiliate reward variety from year to year. The actual partner’s reward is 1% due to a single level of affiliate program. The user don’t need an active investment to participate.

The Benefits of Low-Interest HYIP

Let’s look at live of two investors.

First investors like only fast and hourly HYIPs. He is not the investor, but gamer. He takes losses from time to time. He must be online every hour to withdraw his profit. He still without earnings on both summer and winter holidays. He is not sure in his profit, but can earn many referral’s reward. The newbie investors prefers both hourly and fast HYIPs because of fast term of principal return.

Second investor like stable HYIPs. It is long-term HYIPs, which are working more than six months. Don’t mix with sleepers. He must go to online only once a week. He fast withdraws his money and take profit even on holidays. The user cannot earn many referral’s rewards. The admins even don’t try to buy listings.

The Citybuildtrade is a HYIP for second investor’s type. What type of investors are you?