HYIP to Cut Need to Make an Fast Investment Decision HYIP to Cut Need to Make an Fast Investment Decision HYIP website created on November 22, 2019. The project has a Paying status for a month, so early investors have already made a profit. Despite the holidays and a quick return of investment, the admin offers sleeper’s interest.

According to the website, the Roboton LTD company is developing a technique for automating various areas of life, for example, medicine, science. The project team collects money to increase working capital and confidently enter the international market. Investors can make a profit through a personal account in the Telegram bot. They should just launch the bot and send money to the company account.HYIP community ambiguously perceived the project. The admin bought the listings before the technical work on the platform was completed. Users noticed script vulnerabilities, lack of SSL and an unlicensed script.

On the positive side, no one denied the uniqueness of the design and excellent marketing on the launch day — early investors could make a profit at the beginning of December. The lucky ones who already took the profit of this offer.

Project marketing can still be developed through investments in monitors to increase RCB offers. In this case, new users will be on par with the early program participants.

Have you noticed this project among a big amount of November scams?The project’s template is so original and successful that other admins copied it twice in other HYIPs. Some multimonitors display a non-unique template, but Roboton is the first HYIP using this design.

Roboton LTD registered in Australia as a company No. 624 609 481 and the UK as a company No. 10803989. I checked the registrations — it is valid.

According to the project’s active social networks, the admin started creating the platform in September 2019. Considering the profit of early investors, we conclude that the project was not prepared for quick fundraising, but for stable operation. Accordingly, we can safely wait for the end of the holidays to make an investment decision.

Financial Part

We can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to join this HYIP.

The minimal withdrawal amount is $1, so for users with minimal deposit plan conditions looks at 111% after 11 business days factually.

Scientist plan investors with minimal $50 deposit can withdraw profit every second day. The optimal investment in the project is $100, with which the user can withdraw money every day.

The support team provides manual withdrawals within 48 hours. If I invest today, then with the longest option I’ll get profit on an external wallet in 16 calendar days.Principal return for Medic plan and included for Scientist offer. Let’s choose the most profitable plan, provided that both Medic and Scientist offers give equal net profitability per day.

Medic plan investors will receive net profit only at the end of the deposit period, after 11 business days from deposit.

Scientist plan investors can get 5% of the investment back immediately after registering as our referral and opening a deposit. They will receive about 4-8% every business day. Thus, they will receive a net profit of approximately 16 days.

The first plan is more profitable because of a faster payback. Investor can get $22 of net profit for the entire investment period with a deposit of $200. Affiliate Program

The remuneration of partners consists of 2 parts: bonuses for referral turnover, referral commissions.

The upline will receive a $200 free Scientist deposit each time when the referral turnover reaches $5,000.

The amount of referral rewards may increase due to an update of the partner level:

  • Investor — 5% – 2% – 1%;
  • Partner — 7% – 2% – 1% – 1%;
  • VIP — 10% – 3% – 1% – 1% – 1%.

The personal account in Telegram has the function of automatically returning referral rewards to the user. I recommend bloggers to pay RCB in manual mode due to long manual payments in the project.