SCAM ‘Is Not a Sleeper Anymore’ New HYIP Holiday Rules [2.5% Daily for 25 Days + 6-2-1% RC] HYIP website was registered on April 4, 2019. According to its website, the Nevis Trade company has a strong expert base. They will find the best ways to invest their funds — stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrency arbitrage, mutual funds. They speculate in the Forex market and in the currency area. The company works with the best world brokers, and thanks to experience and dedication, it can take 100% of the profit. They claim that they are a stable company, so able to guarantee customers a profit.

The project is not registered in the UK.

At the same time, according to the reports on thematic Internet resources and forums, the project worked in a sleeper mode for a long time. The active discussions of the both site design and the deposits conditions began only in first half December 2019.According to smart investor rules, we can test only a functionality today. Some of them try to place deposits and withdraw profits. There were no negative comments, but investors make test offerings only for small amounts. We think it cannot transparency sрow of the tested platform, and you?HYIP community already note the strict design of the website. Experienced investors recommend us to open the deposits only if the project will have Paying status in the 2020 year.

Financial Part

The minimum size of a one-time withdrawal of funds is $2. For cryptocurrency programs, it is the equivalent of an amount of $3. The maximum time for crediting to the account of withdrawn funds is 48 hours. The company doesn’t charge fees for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

Program accepts PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin. Affiliate Program

Nevis Trade admin provides both affiliate and representative program, but we accurately don’t know representative features. For affiliate, the upline can receive 6%-2%-1% for each deposit level reward. For representative, user can only leave an application.Marking Principal Return in the investment program on the main page charts means the return of the deposit amount — it is not included in withdrawals. Accordingly, Principal Included means that the deposit will be included in the accrual. All offers with daily accruals

If user invests $200 on the first plan, he will receive $5 per day. Accordingly, in the long term for 25 days the profit will be up to $125, and up to $250 for 50 days. Starter-Ultra plans provides the daily accruals.

We placed here only $10 test deposit, so users can monitor our proofs in forum thread. We will think about increasing the deposit after about a month. I’m not sure that it will pay then, but hope to receive a net profit before a scam.

Redesign Time: Fears Rise as Investors Are Not Ready

Nevis Trade Ltd was a stable sleeper HYIP. The investors often come in these project’s types after one month from the start. It is also the most attractive investment in the summer and New Year holidays.

Reasons why the admin make redesign before the holidays:

  • he didn’t collect enough deposits to support operational work;
  • he collected enough deposits to buy top-end monitors.

The redesign date is December 9th, so I take a risk. Users could invest now, but I recommend to wait because of:

  • the project has been working for less than a year;
  • I opened a deposit 4 days after the redesign and on conditions that are better than with early investors.

If the administrator collects deposits and makes a redesign on December 15-25 and before the beginning of next year, I would not invest in such a project. I would understand that if I get a profit in an optimistic scenario, then at the expense of defrauded investors. I would invest only if I myself was among such investors and would like to get my deposit back on new terms.