HYIP — Why Do We Need This Project in Our Portfolio? HYIP — Interest Rates on Hold [0.15% daily for 150 days + 0.5% RC] HYIP website of this company was registered on December 12, 2018. The main page greets the user with a photo of smiling doctors and detailed information about the professional activities of the company.

According to its website, Medtech develops and improves medicine technologies. Their achievements allow doctors to conduct better diagnostics and treatment of patients. Thanks to the development of such technology, countless human lives have been saved, and the overall quality of life continues to improve over time.

Medtech Advanced Medical Technologies uses the most advanced technology in the design and manufacture of devices for various fields of medicine. The company’s goal is to promote unique products with high added value and the highest quality with an impressive design.

The emphasis is on solutions for the treatment of chronic diseases, where the company has professionals in the field of design, competent consultants and project managers.On thematic forums, the site’s review was published on the start day. Users agree that the creators of the site knowingly make the conditions for placing deposits unattractive. They talk about a low interest rate and a long term withdrawal of funds (up to one hundred business hours). Most users are not liked even test investments.According to the investment context, the site is a sleeper. Information about the investment programs is even not striking on the main page. Interest on investments doesn’t promise some kind of super-profit in a short period of time. There are notes in all sections of the site that investing with Medtech Advanced Medical Technologies is possible exclusively for users registered in the system.

Financial Part

The system accepts deposits and withdrawals of funds via Perfect Money and Payeer electronic payment systems. Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.3, so investor with $10 test deposit need to wait for 30 days to receive a first accrual. I can predict that most of investors can forgot about theirs deposits for all deposit term. It seems as not interest HYIP with low interests, but it also named as stability. I think all investors need to have at least 50% of such HYIPs in their portfolios.

Admin provides 100 business hours of processing withdrawals. It is about 12 calendar days. I hope, withdrawals take a less time in the reality. My followers can find payment details in the forum thread.The users can choose one of three plans for placing deposits for 150 days:When investing $200 in 150 days, the funds in user’s account will increase by $45. Accordingly, in all three programs admin additionally returns of the principal. Affiliate Program

The referral program provides for the upline a commission:

  • 0.5% for attracting a referral deposit according to plan No. 1;
  • 0.75% according to plan No. 2;
  • 1% according to plan No. 3.

A user can invite a referral only after being registered in the program and only with own active investment. It means that $10 is not only the test deposit, but also a ticket to affiliate program for 150 days.