SCAM— How Company Changing The HYIP Business HYIP — Facing Crisis [13% Daily For 9 Days + 6% RC] HYIP website has been working since December 10, 2019. According to the website, company specialists work on trading platforms. The team analyzes the market and predicts its direction in the short term. The company also sponsors current investment areas. Thanks to this approach, investors can receive passive income while their funds are held in trust by Bitex Broker LTD.

I liked the risk warning provided by the company: the results of the past are not a guarantee of future profit and return on investment. Investing is about risk.Private investors from various investment forums like the administrator’s marketing policy and the quality of project website. The community understands that before the New Year few users will risk investing in a HYIP with a $30 minimum deposit.

Negative investors, probably among the users of New Year’s scams, predicted that this project would not pass even one round. But they were wrong, and Bitex Broker was an exception. Early investors already made a net profit.At the time of writing, HYIP has a Paying status within two weeks. Many investors are scared to see high interest rates and a half-month life together. But RCB offers at the start and the ones that we can use now are two times different. Investors who join the program today can receive a net profit as early as 4 days.


Financial Part

The user can place deposit via Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash.

Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.1, so admin takes care of both affiliates and testers. All of them can withdraw their accruals at any time.

The support provides manual processing of withdrawals within 24 hours.Plan A is an optimal for deposit. Is user deposit $200, he will be receiving $26 daily and $34 of total net profit for 9 calendar days. Principal included in accruals. Affiliate Program

The platform provides both referral and so strange representative program.

The uplines can receive 6%-3%-1% of rewards for every referral level.

They can find a representative application in the personal cabinet. But not hurry to fill the application. Admin doesn’t provide benefits for partners or doesn’t mention it on the official website. The user must have at least a $1,000 deposit only to give application.

Black Swan: Why Bitex Broker Is An Exception In The HYIP Industry

I write about stable sleeping projects last time. I invest in sleepers or plan to open a deposit next year. But the investor’s portfolio should include both mid-interest and high-interest HYIPs. If it consists only of stable sleepers, the scam of even one of them leads to a loss. If you add projects with higher percentages, faster payback, and high RCB offer to the basket, their scam will not bring significant loss but can give high profits in a short time.

In this context, Bitex Broker is an ideal option. Admin provides not only normal technical specifications but also advanced marketing.

The only bad side of this project is the high amount of minimum investment and the need to invest ASAP if user want to make a profit.