Ablytrade.com SCAM — How the Project Deserved Investor Confidence

Ablytrade.com HYIP — How the Project Deserved Investor Confidence

Ablytrade.com HYIP program had been working since August 25, 2019. I’m in from October 11, 2019. I liked their website because of the detailed financial reports.

According to the website, the company concludes transactions in the Forex market for more than 2 years. Despite the fact that this is the most popular legend from HYIP admins, the user can find trading reports for each trading day on the platform. The admin also created an archive with F-market news, which is updated 1-3 times a month.

Trading days with negative returns for the company are covered by reserve fund. Thanks to this, investors receive a stable income.HYIP community positively accepted the minimalist template from the admin. Many didn’t take the long payback period of the investment for 200 days as good marketing. In fact, the project is low-interest with a current yield of about 15% per month.

The company provides a complex calculation of the investor’s planned profit in the FAQ section, but for users with a minimum $10 deposit, in the end it comes down to a 0.5% rate. This rate can be reduced to a maximum of 0.25%. In this case, the payback period of the investment will increase to 400 days, excluding RCB.

While everyone was discussing the rate size and minimalistic design, no one even noticed that some pictures were added from photo stocks, which means that the project cannot conduct real activities.We are used to UK company registration in some stable HYIPs. I can’t check the Ablytrade Investment Group registration in the Republic of Seychelles, but if we check the number # 056382 by the color palette, we get the main color of the website.

Ably Trade attracted many investors by paying 2% in the first 2 months after the launch of the platform. Today, investors receive up to 1% on average.

Users can get open information about the result of trading in the Trading Reports section. This information doesn’t mean the same as the accruals rate. For example, the latest numbers in Trading Reports are 1.15%, 1.13%, 1.04%. Let’s look at my accruals rate on Logs Menu: 0.5%, 0.5%, 0.5% respectively.

Financial Part

The investment platform supports deposits via Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin. It is logical that the admin of low-interest project doesn’t see the point of connecting 100+ cryptocurrency payment systems due to instability.

Minimal withdrawal amount is $0.01 for PM, $0.1 for Payeer and $5 for Bitcoin. Deposits through the Bitcoin payment system are automatically converted to USD and have a very high minimum withdrawal amount. Now the investor must have a minimum of $1000 deposit in BTC to claim accruals every business day.

Admin provides manual withdrawals up to 24 hours. Now I receive payments on the day the request is made.

Principal included.

0.5%-0.6% is the interest rate on current investment in Ably Trade HYIP. Most likely, the admin turned his project into a sleeper, which means investors can invest throughout all the December.Admin offers single investment plan with a potential income of 62.5% to 875% for 250 business days. I invested $10 to check the status of this HYIP website, so I see a tendency to get 125% of net profit in 250 business days.

The platform has listings on 11 monitors, 4 blogs and 19 forums. They invested from $0 to $100. Mostly I watch a free listing with no deposit.

At the time of writing, I only have to get about 20% to get my investment back. I think it will take about 40 days, maximum 80 days. I will receive 100% of my investment back next year.

Ablytrade.com  Affiliate Program

The investment program provides three levels of affiliate program with 7-3-1% of rewards. The user receives a reward regardless of the presence of an active investment in his internal account.

Admin has developed exclusive conditions for representatives. Their remuneration increased to 10%-20% for a referral deposit. To apply, you must provide the project with at least 3 referrals on standard conditions. Project owner doesn’t open to public selection criteria of representatives.