Top 7 Exciting Innovations of Automotive Industry that Coming Soon

Today, we are seeing an incredibly fast shift in automobile manufacturing that can only be compared to the early stage of the industry. Here’s some of exciting innovations coming down the road with the next generation of cars.A lot of car accidents could be prevented if the driver had braked or swerved just a bit faster. Nissan’s brain-assisted vehicles could make it possible. The brain-to-vehicle technology could speed up braking or swerving by up to a half second.The more data will be displayed on the navigational maps, the more criteria will be available for choosing a route, including the safest, most scenic, and least polluted route.  “If you have chronic asthma or you are an old person ‘least polluted’ road criteria becomes a real benefit,” says Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO of the car-tech company Tantalum.Cars will be able to detect their own mechanical troubles. “If you need to take the car to a mechanic, the car will research the options and book itself an appointment. If it’s a software fix that’s needed, you’ll get an upgrade,” Tohumcu says.A driver can interact with your car via personal voice-assistant, like Alexa. For instance, you can be driving and looking for a parking space simultaneously. You just have to spell “Find parking,” and your vehicle assistant will find and navigate you to the nearest parking place, based on your programmed preferences. It can also pay for the parking with your credit card.Self-driving cars are already doing well in safety tests. What’s new is that people will be able to share these cars. “If the car is self-driving, we have a wonderful opportunity for people to co-own it and pay only for the portion of the car they use,” says Alan Brown, executive vice president at NuVinAir. 

Self-driving car sharing will prove to be very useful for people who cannot to afford their own vehicle, older people who may need to stop driving, people with disabilities who aren’t able to drive.Ford is developing the technology that monitors health of driver. The company has already introduced an electrocardiography reader that monitors heart function through sensors in the seat without touching the skin. Today, the company is working on the implementation of technology to monitor glucose levels of people with diabetes.  3D-printing cars is already a reality. Arizona-based Local Motors is 3d-printing custom-designed vehicles. You can choose features from different cars to create your own. “These cars won’t be cheap, but if you really want to stand out it’s one way to go,” says Ozgur Tohumcu.