HYIP — Investments With Auto Portfolio Diversification HYIP — HYIP’s Industry Veteran [0.2% for 25 business days + 0.5% RC] HYIP had been working since October 06, 2013. It is true!  Do you remember my yesterday review about the false stability of Passiverevshare? Both of these HYIPs were placed in one IP! Perhaps the same admin works on both sites, but in this case,, there is no lie about long HYIP’s work. The domain was really created in 2013 and expires only in 2027.

According to the site, Solid Trade Bank has companies which working in Banking, Oil & Gas Industry, Heavy Industry, Real Estate, Securities Market areas. All subsidiaries generate profits for the main financial center, which shares dividends between investors.We can offer a little 0.5% bonus for deposits of our investors. A larger amount means a bigger bonus. Of $1,000 we will return to the internal account of the forum $5, from $2,000 — $10, from $3,000 — $15. What do you think the administrator of this project actually invests in?Solidtradebank doesn’t have any official registration, but work about 6 years. All this time the platform stable paying accruals of all investors. Now I’m sure that the admin investing in the real world.

Financial Part

The platform accepts only PerfectMoney and Payeer. Since the start of the project, only the minimum withdrawal amount has changed: it was $1, at the time of writing the review — $0.5. By reducing this amount, each investor can claim withdrawals every day.

The admin provides manual processing of withdrawals from 1 to 48 hours. During a long period of work, the project rarely had problems with payouts. Basically, this was because of technical problems on the payment system side or misunderstanding on both sides.

For example, one of the investors made a $3,000 deposit, which was not displayed in his personal account. He created a ticket in a support. The admin asked to upload a screenshot of the deposit to a site that tracks all Photoshop changes in the screenshots. The investor uploaded the screenshot to a completely different site. As a result, the member thought that he had given screenshots to the admin, but in fact the admin didn’t receive anything. The problem was solved within 4 days.

The admin risked to buy one monitoring from the start of the project, which now received 642% of net income for 6 years. Just in case, I also checked the date of creation of this monitor (Hyips-Analysis) — the monitor was created in 2008 according to Whois, so the SolidTradeBank really paying since 2013.

The platform has advertising spots on 55 monitors, 16 forums, 21 blogs. An interesting fact: the admin bought the first listing on monitors in 2013, and the next one in 2017. Affiliate Program

A pure affiliate offer — a single-level referral program with 0.5% extra reward — contributed to the slow and stable development of the project. From an unpopular HYIP with terrible tech characteristics, the project turned into a HYIP with the same not very good chars, but attracted about more than $1,239,859 of investments according to information from open sources.

Personal Recommendations

I recommend always checking the information that you get from different HYIP monitors and the main pages of investment platforms. They are interested persons. As a student, I attended a lecture on life insurance. My teacher addressed the audience:

— Guys, can I insure your lives?

— No thanks, — we answered.

— But why?

— Because you are interested in our death!

This doesn’t mean that he wishes us harm now. Just from a legal point of view, after signing such an insurance contract, he will receive economic benefits in the case of an insurance accident — our death — happens. He will become an interested person.

HYIPs have long signed such a conditional contract — the more they attract investors, the more advertisers will trust them their money for the promotion of HYIPs. The monitors will potentially be to help attract investor attention to anyway to advertised projects. Be careful!