SCAM — Pseudo Forex Income With a Successful Admin HYIP — Pseudo Forex Income With a Successful Admin HYIP had been working since January 15, 2018. That day, the admin offered investors plans from 2% weekly for 700 days. It was so long ago that the first investors have already received a net profit. According to the site, BSFinance is a team of professionals who make investments and also make successful transactions in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. The company doesn’t conduct investment activities, although users can easily believe their beautiful promises — experienced HYIP owners are very convincing. But traders often have accounts with brokers, and maybe they themselves are brokers. BSFinance doesn’t share statistics or links to its official company, even on its social networks.We offer 5% of the amount of each deposit of our investor back. For example, if you invest $100, we will refund $5, $200 — $10, $400 — $15 and so on.

I find the design of this project very similar to the design of DDFutures. The admin also has an aggressive marketing policy to capture the HYIP market. What do you think: do BSFinance project’s investors have a future because I’m 100% sure of this.BSFinance added to the platform 3 accounts on social networks — FaceBook, Twitter, Telegram. Users can communicate with each other and read relevant news from the administration.

Financial Part

The HYIP accepts only three payment systems PerfectMoney USD, Payeer USD, Bitcoin. Recently, I recommend investors to use Payeer. This payment system allows users to publish payment proofs directly from their mail, to which they receive notifications. The commission here is only 0.95% from each transaction, unlike PerfectMoney with their 1.99% for all unverified users. I tried to pass the verification myself and after talking with support, I decided that it’s easier to buy a ready verified account than to confirm my own.

For example, your monthly turnover in the HYIP industry is $1,000. With Payeer you will spend $9.5 on commission, with PerfectMoney — $19.9. $10.40 per month savings! And this is only in one month and with such a small turnover. As a result, she came to the conclusion that Payeer for beginners is an ideal payment system.

Minimum withdrawal amount from BSFinance is $0.21. Admin provides manual payments within 36 hours. It means that investor can receive his withdrawal within either 5 minutes or 3 days. Withdrawal time depends on the workload of team members who are responsible for the withdrawal of money. At the end of the project, the conclusions will still depend on the greed of the administrator, and he is not greedy because he spent more than $2,000 only on advertising on monitors.The optimal amount of deposit awaits the investor only in the first plan. I had the feeling that the admin, while adding the minimum deposit amount to other plans, accidentally entered some numbers instead of a tablet, pass by. But on the other hand, investors have enough and single normal plan for the game because the project has collected more than $94,000 investment. BSFinance reviews are published on 77 monitors, 22 forums, 28 blogs. Affiliate Program

The platform realizes the opportunity to earn 5% of each referral deposit. If a user referral attracts another referral, the user will receive another 2% of the deposit from this line. In general, there is a 3 level affiliate program with 5-2-1% of reward.

For example, user G invited friend A to a project that invited B person, who invited C person. Let’s say A invested $50, B — $300, and C — $1,000. User G will receive 50 * 0.05 + 300 * 0.02 + 1000 * 0.01 = 2.5 + 6 + 10 = $18.5 simply for inviting a friend to the project.

But you should not to do this, if this acquaintance is dear to you because when a HYIP turns into a scam, a friend will become enemy number one. Share reviews of such projects in special forums where HYIP investors know exactly what they are investing in.