Follow HYIP — Mining Farm Expansion Invitation HYIP — Online Bank [0.5% - 1% daily for 300 Business Days + 15% R. C.] HYIP started on July 13, 2019. According to the site, Money Analysis is an online bank where every investor will always find the most high-interest investment offers in the investment market. The main activity of the company is trading in the Forex market. The company also has small mining farms in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Recently, the management of the organization decided to expand the mining department and invites investors to cooperate. The company Money Analysis with the offer of passive income saves the user time and satisfies his need for investment.


Guys, a unique offer! Our team returns 15% in each of your investments. This is the best RCB offer on the monitor market. For example, if you invest $300 through any other monitor, you will receive approximately $20, and we offer you $45. We also remind that you can immediately invest these $45 in our internal bank and receive $0.45 daily additionally. Therefore, even if the project doesn’t pay you part of your money, you can return the amount of your investment for about 200 days.

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Invest in

The program stands out from other projects in its field with high referral fees. Admin pays 15% for each deposit. Given that the optimal deposit amount here is $300, the user can receive from $45 for each attracted investor. He can also become an investor himself and receive approximately $3 per day according to the optimal plan, but it is not required for affiliate rewards.

Financial Part

The platform accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Other Cryptocurrency/Token (via manually mode and from $100). The minimum withdrawal for another type of cryptocurrency is $1, the same as for other cryptocoins. Minimal amount to withdraw for PM and Payeer is only $0.1. Admin provides payments in manual mode within 2-3 business days or 4-5 calendar days. Affiliate Program

Partners can receive 15% of reward for every referral’s deposit. Often owners of investment programs want to be generous and offer a high percentage of affiliate contributions. But the total amount of the reward is shared between 5-7 levels of the referral program. In this case, users need to look for many partners in order to get the maximum benefit. This project is exclusive — it doesn’t offer very good advertising banners, but 15% of the reward for one person on single level. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max Deposit
0.50-0.75–1% For 200 Business Days$10–501–1001 and more
105–110-115% After 5 Calendar Days$300–401–501 and more
800–900–1000% After 21 Calendar Days$10–501–1001 and more
1800-1900–2000% After 35 Calendar Days$10–501–1001 and more

All offers are very attractive, but the user doesn’t have to invest in the first plan because it seems the most profitable. The name of the project has the word Analysis, so user need to analyze which plan will give the greatest benefit. We will do this little analysis for our readers.

For example, user want to invest $300 (yes, this is an exclusive project for big investors). Net profit that he can get:

  • 1 offer — $1.5 on business days, $7.5 weekly, $30 monthly;
  • 2 offer — $15 after 5 calendar days, $90 monthly and 6 chances per month claim principal;
  • 3 offer — $2100 per month;
  • 4 offer — $0 per month because of long deposit term.

The investor can choose between 2 and 3 plans. We chose 2 plan because HYIPs of other admins often refused to pay dividends to investors according to the plan with the terms of 3 offers. We don’t know how it will be here, but caution will not hurt you! Admin bought ads on 34 monitors, 6 forums, 2 blogs.

Summary HYIP has ad slots on many monitors, the site is constantly evolving. We don’t really understand the meaning of 1, 3, 4 plans, investors here will prefer only 2 plans. In the future, we would like to see the development of the project.
  • Platform based on GoldCoders licensed script and use unique design.
  • Namecheap hosting.
  • Namecheap DDoS-protection.
  • PositiveSSL valid from Sectigo up to July 16, 2020.
  • Minimal investment amount is $10.
  • Promo on 34 monitors, 6 forums, 2 blogs.
  • No UK registration.
  • The recommended investment amount is $300.
  • ENom domain registrar up to July 13, 2020 year.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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