SCAM— Forex and London Exchange Trading HYIP — Trading With 150 Pairs [110% After 10 Days + 7% R. C.] HYIP had been working since August 24, 2019. According to the site, BlueBay team conducts a large-scale analysis of currency pairs in the Forex market. They monitor 150 currency pairs on the London Stock Exchange. Thanks to the development of new trading strategies and the use of effective tools, the company offers private investors to buy shares of the company through an online platform and share big profits with it. The company is looking for private investors to implement unique financial services that can be quickly obtained on their web platform.We return 7% from each referral deposit. We propose to discuss the investment proposals of the project. For example, we preferred 1 offer to be able to check the status of the project more often. Some investors prefer the 3 plan, although offers where you need to wait about 10 days have always seemed risky. Admins often block accounts for the withdrawal of such investors.BLUEBAY FINANCIAL LTD is a UK registered company with 12161187 number license. It offers good marketing to investors — up to 4% daily.


Financial Part

The HYIP accepts PerfectMoney USD, Payeer USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum. It is better for investors who choose 1 plan with a minimum deposit to use USD payment systems because the minimum withdrawal amount is only $1, and for cryptocurrencies — $5. An investor with a minimum deposit will spend 3 days to receive the first payment. Admin provides instant withdrawals and he doesn’t take any fees or commissions. Principal included in accruals for all plans.

Several Suggestions About Platform Structure

The main shell of the project has more than one page, which slows down the speed of obtaining important information by investors. The personal account is a bit like the administrator’s handwriting of a successful bluesky, but this is just my guess.Opinions of investors regarding the choice of deposit are different. $10 investors can only play with 1 or 3 plan. 2 plan has the fastest payback period. Plan 2 offers about 7 percent daily with hourly payouts, but an investor can open a deposit of at least $151. He can go through 1 investment circle and get it until investors with $10 wait for the payback according to the first plan. In this case, the 2 plan investors are in a better position, even taking into account the RCB received. If the admin left only 1 and 3 plan, then the project marketing would be good. The project appeared on monitors in the start day. The BlueBay has added on 12 monitors, 17 forums, 2 blogs. Affiliate Program

Uplines can receive 7% from the referral’s deposits. They don’t need an active deposit. Banners and a link to promote the project are placed in the internal office. Repeated registration of the user, especially using his referral link is strictly prohibited.

Please, Note

The project has a unique template, and the site runs on a licensed script. The administrator bought SSL, registration in the UK (although license templates can now be found for only $50). The project team poorly compiled the FAQ section, so the preparation is poor in this part.

We would call marketing projects excellent if not for the second investment offer. It reflects the administrator’s desire to quickly collect the amount necessary for something. Investors were never happy with such a decision. In any case, the project is intended for large investors, and with a $10 deposit there is practically nothing to do here (except to join the 3 plan).

The project admin is new, so most likely it is first HYIP for him. You can leave comments about working with this project below.