SCAM — More Income Sources, More Reserves Options HYIP Passive Income on a Help With Cryptocurrencies Transactions HYIP started on July 04, 2019. According to the site, the company’s founder writes that he was a student at the Faculty of Finance and Economics. Considering that he also writes that his company is over 10 years old, he probably writes about the future and he is currently a student. Anyway, he writes that Banks24 is a platform for obtaining and issuing loans. For obvious reasons, a loan cannot be taken on the platform, but the user can open a deposit. The platform also doesn’t have official registration in the UK. Information about the project resembles Cashberry, but one level lower. We would like to believe that this site will reach the level of this project, but it is unlikely to happen.Our team offers 7% of the amount of the user deposit if it joins the team of our investors. To do this, simply register using our referral link. As usual, beginners are advised to open deposits with a minimum amount, and experienced investors in the amount of 10% of the portfolio. Although on the other hand, experienced investors will not invest more than the minimum amount in this project, otherwise the admin will return the invested funds too quickly and close the platform.Users can search the personal account login button for a long time, which is located on the right top of the page and is not signed. The project has a beautiful design, which is, unfortunately, not original. The FAQ section is 100% non-informative, but this is one of the few projects in which investors can trust this section regarding financial information.

Financial Part

User can create investment via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Неожиданно, principal included for all offers. So, the investor cannot only receive payback at 50 days, but he also can receive the principal back at the end of the deposit.

Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.1, so referrals need to invest about $15 for upline’s immediately request withdraw. Platform processed withdrawal requests within a few seconds or instantly. We didn’t find information about the minimum withdrawal amount in the most important section of the project — the FAQ section. This means that the project was not prepared at all in terms of both design and text.

Our team has chosen and recommends Standard plan for deposit. According to the project preparation, multiple investments on Medium or Premium plans can destroy this one. Admin is clearly from Russia or other nearby countries — he didn’t even order the correction of the text that is displayed when withdrawing money to an external wallet.Users with an investment of $10 and $5,000 have a small difference in the interest rate of income, and, respectively, in the payback period. Standard — 50 days, Medium — 40 days, Premium — 34 days. We always recommend creating RCB requests because they both decreased payback period and increased investor’s chances to receive a net profit.

Admin buys cheap monitors. Now advertising project involved about 17 specialized services.

The development of the project depends only on the administrator — if he orders and installs the original design, he will extend the hosting for another few years. After that, he can begin aggressive advertising — to buy advertising space on reputable monitors, advertising in search engines. Affiliate Program

Admin created three-level affiliate part with total percentage reward of 11% (7–3–1% gradation). User doesn’t need an active deposit to participate in the reward program. This platform also provides free quality banners for promotion.

This project can be advertised in social networks, as in specialized forums the community of experienced investors will not accept it and the promoter will only waste time.